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Improved Payroll Services!

Always keen to improve my services, adding value and saving time for my clients I have recently upgraded my Payroll Bureau to include BrightPay Connect!

BrightPay Connect is an addition to the software I use to process your payroll. By adding Connect I am able to automatically back up the software to the cloud but it is much more exciting than that.

It providers the Employer with their own Dashboard allowing them to view reports, employee information, manage holiday's, store HR documents and see how much is owed to HMRC all fully GDPR compliant.

It also provides each Employee with a self service Dashboard where they can download their own payslip's, P60's etc and check their information held on file.

There is even a mobile app free to download for both Android and iOS

Bureau clients will be receiving more information over the coming days.

If you are interested in finding out more about how this works please do get in touch.

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