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Friday Focus!

I use a whole host of software solutions and add on apps and I know that it can be overwhelming when looking for new ones. They all do different jobs and are great for certain tasks and certain businesses.

To help you understand a few I thought I would focus on the ones I use regularly.


"Deputy is the ultimate workforce manager, offering you the best technology in a web based solution. Simplifying your scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and employee communication. With brilliant apps and one click payroll integration, we make your life easier. Let us get you back to loving your business again."

Deputy is a timesheet, rostering and staff management tool.

It really suits the hospitality and leisure industries where you have long opening hours and tricky shift patterns to manage.

At its simplest you set your opening hours and shifts and it will help you allocate the staff best suited to those shifts. You can allow the staff to swap their shifts if they are ill (saving you the hassle of ringing round), send messages and announcements to staff and create to do lists for certain staff or shifts.

At Grimsby Ice Rink the staff were all asked to download the mobile app and they used that to clock in and out for their shifts however it also works on a tablet so perfect for a staff room or office to be used as a central clocking system.

At the end of the week you simply approve the timesheets and they can be exported to your chosen payroll software (most but not all). It links seamlessly with Xero Payslips!

For me as a Payroll Agent it saves me so much time. I no longer have 3/4 emails in each chain approving the hours with clients. Once they are approved in Deputy they are done! It removes an element of human error by exporting straight out of Deputy and into Xero.

For the client it also saves that time but so much more in creating complicated rota's.

If you're interested in giving it a trial or would like to see some case studies please follow my link

If you would like to know more give me a call. As a Certified Partner and user I should be able to answer any questions.

In the meantime see what Shaz (Docks Beers) has to say about it.

"Deputy has been worth its weight in gold. I was previously building weekly rotas in a spreadsheet and manually managing the endless to do list of managing teams. It has streamlined and taken the stress out of creating rotas, editing them and making changes, managing holidays, setting staff tasks, monitoring accurately start and finish times and exporting to payroll.
Not to mention it gives me reporting insights and integrations that would take me hours to do.
Like many SME owners, time is my most valuable tool and deputy has freed me up a whole bunch of it!"
Shaz - Docks Beers, Grimsby
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