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World Environment Day

<a href="">Globe vector created by pikisuperstar -</a>

<a href="">Globe vector created by pikisuperstar -</a>

5th June 2020 is World Environment Day.

A day designed by the United Nations to raise awareness of whole host of environmental issues such as marine pollution, global warming and wildlife crime.

I don't take part in these things for a day. I try to be good to our environment every day!

In business...

I work from home and as such I don't drive out each day.

I buy refillable pens and recycled paper. I don't actually print much at all as I work with two screens but what I do either gets used as note paper or shredded. All my shreddings go into our compost heap. I have a digital reusable notebook (#rocketbook) gifted to me by #ReceiptBank which I love and reduces my paper usage further.

I encourage all my clients to use ReceiptBank, email and secure document sharing to save on excessive trips to collect/drop off paperwork. We even digitally sign and approve tax returns.

I carry a bottle of water with me and often take my own coffee out on trips too.

It's so important to educate our children as well and as a family we are and have always been very big into recycling. (We put everything we can into our boxes)

We also do our very best to grow some of our own fruit and veg (hence the compost bin) In lockdown the kids have made bird feeders and a hedgehog house and the new fencing at the bottom the garden had to have holes in it to allow the hedgehogs the freedom of wandering from garden to garden.

What does your business do to stay environmentally sustainable?

Photo of my little veg garden.

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