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Friday Focus!

I use a whole host of software solutions and add on apps and I know that it can be overwhelming when looking for new ones. They all do different jobs and are great for certain tasks and certain businesses.

To help you understand a few I thought I would focus on the ones I use regularly.

"The #1 remote working tool for accountants and bookkeepers
Keep communicating with clients. Get their paperwork in seconds. Lower costs. Help business."
- ReceiptBank

This app is probably my worst kept secret weapon.

I absolutely love it and so do my clients!

Using it at it's very basic standard I would take a box of receipts (not that I get many of them anymore) load them into my fantastic Scansnap and upload them to ReceiptBank to work it's magic. It's magic being that it reads the receipt, follows the supplier rules (that I set) and then publishes to Xero.

But... it's much, much better than that.

I can give my clients multiple user access to a mobile app from which they can take a photo of the receipt themselves straight away and submit it saving the hassle of lost receipts or piles of them hanging around till needed.

It can even connect straight to many of our more common supplier's like Screwfix or Google and "fetch" the invoices straight out of your business account itself to then process in the same way.

The two way integration with Xero means that it will recognise if your receipt matches a payment in Xero's bank reconciliation and I can publish it as paid. It will even pick up if the transaction has been marked as reconciled without the paperwork and allow me to attach it afterwards.

If you are converting to Xero from paper or Excel I can convert your old Sales Invoices into a format suitable to upload into Xero and if you haven't got a Bank Feed set up in Xero I can use ReceiptBank to convert your PDF or paper statement's.

ReceiptBank literally saves hours of fiddling around with receipts and invoices for both my clients and myself.

"Fire. The wheel. The plough. Steam power. Babbage's Difference Engine. Sliced Bread.
All pretty good inventions but none can hold a candle to ReceiptBank.
How did global commerce function before ReceiptBank? We can only speculate, as those cavemen lacked the ability to quickly and easily file receipts by phone camera or by email and so no records survive from those dark ages"
- Mike Richards - Head Brewer (and Wordsmith), Docks Beers

Want to get up and running with ReceiptBank?

Give me a call

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